Stepping Stone Landscaping

Stepping Stones for Landscaping – DIY or Installed for You

Here at Country Earth we realise that some people love DIY, this is why we offer our stepping stones, as well as the rest of our paving products, as supply only or supply and install, giving you the option of DIY.

The use of stepping stones in the garden can be both economical and aesthetically pleasing.

The Benefits of Stepping Stones in the Garden

Looking to add some interest, texture and colour to your garden? Then stepping stones might be just what you need! Our stepping stones can be used to make informal paths that wind their way through your property, cross wet areas, connect areas of interest and create a visual tie between architecture and the landscape. Stepping stone paths break up expanses of turf and accentuate attractive areas of your garden. They also work well as borders.

Types of Stepping Stones

Our stepping stones generally fall into two categories, creative and traditional. Both are equally as popular and it’s easy to see why.

Concrete Stepping stones

The creative and eye-catching stepping stones are our Timberstone steppers. These are made from hard-wearing concrete but look remarkably like old timber log sections.

Stepping Stones Timberstone
Timberstone Stepping Stones

We also supply a round concrete stepping stone without the old timber look.

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Stepping Stone Walkway

Our traditional stepping stones are used as stepping stone walkways like the image below which utilises our Trustone Fellstyle paving stones. Here you can see that the rectangular pavers have been used as stepping stones with space between the pavers. This method of stepping stone placement allows the grass to break up what would otherwise be a solid pathway.

Garden Paving Stepping Stones
Garden Stepping Stones – Fellstyle Pavers

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Where & How to use Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are a great way to create your own personalized walkway or pathway. They can also be used in between paving surfaces as a transition between two different outdoor areas, such as separating the front and back yards, or adding variety to garden spaces. Steppers are typically made of concrete or natural stone.

You should also consider the type of surface on which you will place them – flat ground would work best if you want to use decorative pebbles in addition to stepping stones because these won’t move around easily on their own accord; however more uneven surfaces can look really nice as well with a bit of creativity.

Which Stepping Stones to Choose

You can choose any type of paver to use as stepping stones in your landscape but you should consider certain things.

Some paving stones have quite a bit of colour and this should be taken into account when being placed into an outdoor setting and how that colour interacts with its surroundings. Considering a paver that has a grey, neutral colour will offer most versatility, the above mentioned stepping stones are both neutral in colour.

Texture is another property to consider, especially if there is an abundance of water expected on the surface. The above mentioned stone steppers have a good amount of texture which offers a degree of non-slip qualities.

Shape of stepping stone is also a characteristic to consider as round stepping stones offer a very different look to a fairly rigid pattern offered by square or rectangular pavers.

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We hope that the above information has given you some insight into things to look for when choosing a stepping stone for your landscape areas.

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