Fellstyle Paver

One of our most popular stone pavers, with neutral tones, subtle texture that offers natural slip resistance. Very versatile!

  • Natural stone
  • Slip-resistant
  • Responsibly sourced

About this product

Fellstyle is a resilient quartzitic sandstone paver that embodies durability and elegance. Characterized by its consistent texture and neutral light-grey hues, Fellstyle is the epitome of versatility. Whether adorning traditional garden landscapes or complementing modern designs, this stone is the perfect choice for enhancing any outdoor or indoor area.


  • 1140 x 570 x 22
  • 855 x 570 x 22
  • 570 x 570 x 22

Project Packs contain:

  • 15 no. 855 x 570mm
  • 15 no. 570 x 570mm
  • 15 no. 570 x 285mm
  • 15 no. 285 x 285mm

Thickness of paving, including circle features, calibrated to 22mm

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