Metal Garden Edging

Good quality metal garden edging can be shaped into any shape you require, from straight lines to curves. It’s strong and durable, making it an excellent choice for garden beds or other areas where you want a sturdy barrier. As a leading landscaping business, our product of choice for metal garden edging whether it’s supply only or supply and install is FormBoss Steel Garden Edging. It’s designed to last and made from Australian Steel.

Where to use Metal Garden Edging

  • Lawn edges / create definition
  • Path edges
  • Flower / garden beds
  • Mulch / pebble barriers
  • Weed barriers
  • Garden steps / terracing
  • Planters
Garden Bed Edging

Benefits of Metal / Steel Garden Edging


FormBoss edging is available in a number of options to accommodate varying strength requirements, is designed to maintain its shape, and lasts for many years.


A garden is a play area for families and pets, therefore safety must be a top priority. FormBoss Metal Garden Edging has been designed with a rolled top lip profile to shield any sharp edges of connections and steaks.


When it comes to landscaping, garden beds, paths and lawns, you need an edging system that’s flexible and can be shaped to suit your landscape design, whether that’s straight lines, angles, curves or any combination thereof. FormBoss garden edging comes with an excellent ability to shape your lawn and create outdoor areas you’ll love.

Long Lasting

FormBoss metal garden edging uses BlueScope Australian steel, this meets all recognised industry standards and is chosen for its durability and resilience to the harsh WA climate. Steel edging does not rust, crack, split or burn and is resistant to pests such as termites. FormBoss provides a 10-year guarantee for their steel edging system.

Value for Money

Other garden edging systems cannot match the durability and longevity of steel garden edging. This makes FormBoss extremely good value over time, free from maintenance costs or the need to replace after several years due to corrosion and weather damage.

Easy to Install

Unlike some other garden edging systems, Formboss metal garden edging is extremely simple to install.


The best solution for virtually all gardens and any ground project that involves a straight or curved lawn edge, raised or ground level garden beds. Steel edging allows you to create straight or curved footpaths and design an outdoor landscape with features that would be otherwise difficult to achieve.

There is a range of heights, gauges and finishes available, you can even paint your steel edging if you wish. See the chart below.

Adds Value

Using steel edging to design, create and form a well-structured outdoor landscape will add value to your property. It goes without saying that improving the appearance of your home is an easy way of increasing its worth, especially when the introduction of a flexible edging system is so simple to install.

Steel Garden Edging Finishes


This is metal garden edging that has a ‘rusty’ colour and is often referred to as Corten. This is an extremely popular garden edging product and synonymous with the archetypal Australian landscape.


Galvabond is a high-quality galvanised steel edging that comes with guaranteed protection.


Zam steel edging is ideal for coastal locations. It has excellent durability and anti-corrosion qualities due to its Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc coating. This is a significant improvement on standard galvanised steel.

Guages and Sizing

FormBoss Steel Edging is available in a variety of heights, 2440mm lengths, and in the following guages:

  • 1.6mm
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.5mm

Interested in Steel Edging?

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