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Our Most Popular Pool Pavers

We’ve been installing stone pool pavers in Perth for over 30 years. Our wealth of experience in this area has given us vital knowledge in sourcing suitable, high-quality pavers and a proven method for successful planning and installation.

There are a number of stone types you could choose from when deciding which type of paver would best suit your needs and taste for the pool area.

Here at Country Earth we can use the vast majority of our outdoor tiles and stone ranges for pool surrounds but our most popular paving options are:

Vintage Raven Stone

A natural, ethically sourced sandstone, neutral in colour and beautifully textured, making them perfect as pool pavers.

Pool Pavers - Vintage Raven Stone
Vintage Limestone Pool Paving

Vintage Limestone

A natural dolomitic limestone which is very dense and part of our Vintage Range. Warmer in colour with the same beautiful, non-slip texture.

Trustone Fellstyle

One of our most popular options for pool pavers. The Fellstyle is consistent in both texture and colour. It’s light grey appearance makes it an extremely versatile option that can look stunning as paving around any pool.

Fellstyle Natural Stone Pool Pavers
Trustone Glenmoor Pool Pavers

Trustone Glenmoor

The Glenmoor is warmer in colour with a gentle texture that can look traditional yet contemporary depending on the landscape design and setting.

If you’re looking to invest in pool pavers it’s worth spending the time to research your options and discover exactly what’s available to you. There’s no doubt that getting the pool paving right from the outset can pay dividends in the long term, from both an aesthetic and value perspective.

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Recent Pool Paving Installation

Poolside Paving

The above poolside paving uses our Vintage Limestone. These pavers have a natural texture which provide slip resistance – perfect for pool surrounds.

Why use Stone Pool Pavers?

Stone is a natural material that has been used in construction for centuries.

It’s durable, low-maintenance and can be used to create many different looks.

Our most popular pool pavers are made from ethically sourced natural stone that possesses the perfect qualities and attributes to make them ideal pool paving options.

Things to Consider When Choosing Pool Pavers

Non Slip Finish:

The textured surface to our stone pavers gives them a natural non-slip finish making them ideal for placement around the pool.


It’s always a good idea to consider the surrounding environment and any existing stone types already used in and around the outdoor area. This way the pool will look like an integrated element that creates balance and harmony within its setting.

If you have strong colours around your pool and outdoor area in general, a neutral grey pool paving such as our Trustone Fellstyle may be a really good option to ensure that there’s no conflict of style and colours.


One of the great advantages of using stone for your pool paving is that it can withstand heavy use, so it’s ideal for alfresco paving and pool surrounds.


Will your pool paving be in direct sunlight? Any surface will tend to get hot when exposed directly to Australia sunshine. Stone paving is no different, so lighter shades of stone are usually preferred.


All natural stone is porous and should be sealed when used as pool pavers to withstand the salt and strong pool chemicals.


The cost of the paving around your swimming pool area is always a factor in your decision-making. Installing natural stone is an extremely cost-effective material when compared to timber decking for example. You must consider the money saved in maintenance as stone paving is such a durable, maintenance-free surface.

Other Considerations for Pool Paving:

Pool Shape & Layout

If you have a rectangular swimming pool you have the choice of either using pool header stones or taking the pool pavers straight up to the edge of the pool.

Pool headers generally have what’s called a “bullnose” (rounded) edge and can really finish the look of the pool beautifully.

If you have a shaped pool, the pavers are usually taken straight to the edge of the pool and each paving stone is sculpted by hand to give a unique quality and bespoke landscape finish.

Examples of Our Pool Paving

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Pool paving is not just about the surface you choose, but also what’s surrounding your pool. When deciding on a stone for your outdoor space, it’s important to consider how that stone will look in situ with other materials and colours already present.

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