Trustone Paving

The Trustone collection is an extensive collection of high-quality natural stone paving. Ethically sourced and hand-selected for purity of colour and dimensional accuracy, the paving is calibrated to a consistent thickness to make laying quick and easy.

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The Trustone Range

Fellstyle Installations

Trustone Fellstyle

Trustone Fellstyle is a hard-wearing quartzitic sandstone, relatively consistent in both texture and colour. Its neutral light-grey colour shades make it extremely versatile; it can be used very effectively in traditional garden designs but it is equally at home in much more contemporary schemes.

Glenmoor Installations

Trustone Glenmoor

A durable, gently riven quartzitic sandstone, Trustone Glenmoor comes in varying shades of buff, with occasional darker brown markings, perfect for use in a traditional setting

Tala Sand Limestone

Trustone Namera

Introducing Namera, the luxurious limestone chosen for its rich colours and distinctive characteristics. Namera oozes elegance, with its quartz veining and inclusions creating a charm that is sure to stand out in any setting. Available in three stunning colours, Tala Sand offers subtle cream tones with tumbled edges, PyramisGold is a deeper golden colour with sawn edges, and Desert Brown offers a deep, contemporary brown hue.

Trustone Cotsdale

Trustone Cotsdale is a hard and exceptionally durable dolomitic limestone in subtly graduated colour shades ranging from creamy beige to buff and light brown.

Trustone Cotsdale

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