Timberstone Sleepers – Timber Look Pavers

Concrete pavers that look remarkably like wood

The Driftwood Timberstone Sleeper Range is almost indistinguishable from genuine old timber. Timberstone offers the sought-after weathered appearance of real timber, but will never rot, warp or splinter.

Actually made from high-strength concrete, Timberstone lends itself to natural settings where other paving may look intrusive.

  • DRIFTWOOD SLEEPER- Large Sleeper 900 x 225 x 50mm
  • DRIFTWOOD TIMBERSTONE – Medium Sleeper 675 x 225 x 50mm
  • DRIFTWOOD TIMBERSTONE – Intermediate Post 150mm x 150mm x 650mm
  • DRIFTWOOD TIMBERSTONE – Corner Post 150mm x 150mm x 650mm
  • DRIFTWOOD TIMBERSTONE – Sett 225mm x 225mm x 50mm
  • DRIFTWOOD TIMBERSTONE – Stepping Log 300mm – 450mm Diameter x 40 – 75mm
Timberstone Sleepers as Decking

Timberstone Versatility

Timberstone is an extremely versatile product that offers amazing durability despite its weathered timber appearance. Our clients as well as our landscape designers have used it effectively in many different situations. As you can see from the image above, Timberstone is striking when used as a durable decking. Other uses include:

Timber Sleeper Garden Paths

A very popular use of Timberstone is as an eye-catching paver for garden paths as the images below demonstrate.

Concrete stepping stones that look like wood
Concrete stepping stones that look like wood

Timber Sleeper Raised Beds & Planters

Timberstone posts and sleepers are perfect for constructing raised beds and planters. Unlike real timber, Timberstone requires no maintenance and will last many, many years.

Timberstone as Feature Paving

Timberstone can be used in many ways but whichever way it’s installed, it always stands out as a feature in your landscape.

Timberstone Pavers for Garden
Timberstone Pavers for Garden

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