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Stone Paver Jointing Compound – Fastpoint

We are the Australian distributor and supplier of the best and easiest-to-use paving grout on the market – Fastpoint, great for all types of stone paving. It’s specifically designed to provide a strong, flexible seal between pavers and outdoor tiles, making it the ideal jointing compound. Fast Point also provides superior protection against weeds, frost, and weathering that could otherwise damage your paving investment.

Fastpoint paving grout is perfect for use on all types of stone surfaces including natural stone, concrete pavers, marble, granite, slate and cobble stones. The unique formulation of Fast Point creates an exceptionally tough bond with stone surfaces while providing flexibility required for installation in varying weather conditions.

Benefits of using Fastpoint Paving Grout

  • Easy to apply
  • Use on most types of stone paving
  • Apply in all weather conditions
  • Faster than traditional stone pointing
  • Ready mixed
  • Weed resistant
  • Fully load-bearing after 3 consecutive days of dry weather
Paving Grout Stone Jointing Compound

Australian Distributor for Fastpoint Paving Grout

Country Earth are the Australian distributor for Fastpoint stone paver pointing mortar.

Fastpoint is available to purchase as a separate, stand-alone product.

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How to Grout Stone Paving with Fastpoint

How to grout outdoor stone paving step 1

Step 1 – Make sure that the drainage ports have been inserted.

How to grout outdoor stone paving step 2

Step 2Soak the paved area with water for at least 10 mins.

How to grout outdoor stone paving step 3

Step 3 – Pour the paving grout compound onto the area of pavers to be pointed.

How to grout outdoor stone paving step 4

Step 4Brush the compound into the paving joints with a stiff bristled brush

How to grout outdoor stone paving step 5

Step 5 – Using a jointing tool, strike the paving joints to create a smooth finish.

How to grout outdoor stone paving step 6

Step 6Using a soft bristle brush, sweep away all excess grout.

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