Soundproof Wall Covering – Natural, Anti-static & Fireproof

New to the Country Earth display at Home Base, Subiaco is Mosswall. In 2009 VERDE PROFILO® discovered a way of preserving natural lichen by using a 100% ecological application that would allow lichen to be placed on a base that could be installed on walls. This invention led to the patent for MOSSwall®.

Mosswall Features

MOSSwall® has many unique features but perhaps the most important is that it requires no maintenance and is the ultimate synergistic blend of nature and design.
Handmade in Italy and shipped globally, MOSSwall® is the world leader in this type of material application. However MOSSwall® is not simply a beautiful product, it also has an important function. Indeed, by exploiting the natural properties of lichen, it is certified as a fire-resistant and soundproofing device. Practically, this means that areas presenting high levels of reverberation or echoes can be efficiently controlled with MOSSwall®.

Mosswall Production

MOSSwall® is produced from a natural lichen for indoor use. After harvesting from sustainable sources, MOSSwall® is stabilised and undergoes anti-static treatment to prevent it from capturing dust.
Due to its molecular structure, MOSSwall® requires a relative humidity of 40-50% and does not appreciate direct sunlight. However, due to the preservation and antistatic treatment, MOSSwall® is 100% zero maintenance.

Mosswall Installation

Each floret of MOSSwall® is carefully handled by the factory staff who discard the unwanted basal section, which is recycled for future use for another application. Then it is manually placed with care on a tray. Upon completion of this stage, the trays are subjected to quality control prior to being packed for shipping.
MOSSwall® is the system you need to display your design. Whether you wish to simply install it against a wall or have a modular, free-standing wall, this is a complete system studied to accommodate your requirements.


MOSSwall® is fully guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase and is also fully tested and certified for fire, acoustic and antibacterial control.






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Mosswall installation
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