Landscape Tips Installing When A Pool

As a local landscaping business in Perth, our designs often accommodate pools. The critical point is making sure that the level of the top of the pool beam is set correctly so it is low enough in relation to the floor level of the house.

It is important to know beforehand the thickness of the pool paving and decking you are installing. If you are installing decking adjacent to the house and then paving abutting it, you will need to have a gap between the two to allow airflow under the deck to minimise any future dampness that may cause maintenance issues.

Assuming that the measurement from the top of the deck to the bottom of the fascia is 110mm, the top of the paving should be set at 15mm below this to allow for the airflow.

If the paving thickness is, for example, 40mm and is laid on top of the beam of the pool, the level of the pool beam needs to be at least 165mm below the floor level of the house.

Another important consideration is the finished level of the pool paving in relation to the top of adjacent boundary walls. There are certain requirements relating to this. Checking this out before you start could save you problems later on.

Finally consider the location of the pool equipment in relation to aesthetics and practicality.