Landscape Project Planning

Having been in the Landscape industry for over 40 years, we have seen many examples of good and bad landscaping decision.

We want you to start your journey with a clear understanding of how you can achieve a great landscape which can complement and transform your home. Your project can include many aspects, from natural stone pavers to ceiling cladding if you have a covered outdoor area.

The first component of this exercise is planning. This can be done in several ways depending on the project. Whether it takes 1-8 years to complete your landscape garden, the end result is your final objective, so a well-designed plan is imperative.

Assuming you employ a landscaping company, it is a good idea to have a clear understanding of the design concept you are trying to achieve, therefore the Landscape Designer can interpret what you want rather than tell you what you should have.

How do you achieve this? You write a brief for the Landscape Designer and include the following;

  • Note your lifestyle, with the great weather we have in WA, entertaining is usually a high priority. Include adults, children & pets [not necessarily in that order].
  • Maintenance, how much are you prepared to do! Maintenance-free options are available in most products, like our maintenance free decking for example.
  • Bal Ratings (Bushfire Ratings) – Check with your council.
  • Patio paving, alfresco structures, water features, pools, paving, and retaining walls.
  • Garden beds, trees, lawns, retic, and plants.

This is just some of the information your designer requires to gain an understanding of your Landscape Design expectations.

Another very important point is your budget. In our experience this is a question that people are either reluctant to answer or have not actually thought about. The designer requires a budget figure so he or she knows what level of quality and quantity of components can be incorporated into the project.

Be prepared to pay for a site consultation. This is a good investment because you will know whether you feel comfortable with the designer you have chosen when they are in your garden discussing your dreams and aspirations.

The final stage is producing a working plan that can be costed by a landscape contractor. This will also be a good investment as you will then have the blue print for your project however long it takes to complete.