Landscape and Paving Maintenance

As with all man-made structures and products, maintenance is always required.

Whether it is getting your car serviced, painting your house, or mowing your lawns, this all comes under the heading of maintenance.

We provide a service to clean, reseal and regrout paving . Some of our clients have this done every 2 years and some over a longer period. Whatever you think is the appropriate timing for your particular paving, we can always advise you of a solution to your particular situation.

Sometimes brick paving that has been laid on sand becomes uneven and needs attention. We are happy to quote to rectify this.

Many properties have timber decking. This needs to be resealed periodically depending on the type of timber, the exposure to sunlight and the amount of traffic it receives.

Gardens need renovating from time to time to keep them under control and maintain the level of aesthetics and practicality that they were designed for. We are happy to quote on any aspect of your maintenance or makeover requirements.

We have been in the Landscape business for 40 years and have experienced professionals in every field of the above services.

Feel free to contact us for a quote or a site visit.