Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What services do you offer?
We can do individual parts of your project or take care of everything from start to finish. With experience in landscaping, plants, paving, manufacturing, design and installation – we can take care of all your needs
2. Are you able to come to my home for a consultation?
We prefer to come to your home so that we can see the opportunities and challenges of your project. Consultation fees apply.
3. Can I just purchase the paving or stone if I already have a landscaper or paver?
Absolutely, we work with several landscapers and builders who regularly request our products.
4. Who can you recommend to lay your products?
We have our own landscape team if you need installation; they know and love our products which ensures that you get the best result.
5. Where can I see your products?
Our main display and meeting office is at Home Base Subiaco. With an inside and outside display to view a sample of our products; it is the best place to meet and discuss the options. Call ahead and we can meet you there. We also have outdoor displays in Midvale, Dawesville and Busselton. See contact page for directions.
6. Do you have examples of your finished projects?
View our projects in the Project gallery here.
7. Can you project manage the whole project from start to finish?
Yes, this is our specialty, we Have experienced staff who have managed projects from $10,000 to $10,000,000
8. How long has Country Earth been in business?
We have been in business for 38 years. We have seen the trends and styles change over the years and adapted our products and designs to move with the times.
9. What is the difference between natural stone and pavers?
Stone paving is a natural product which will last for a lifetime. Manufactured paving has a limited life before it deteriorates. Natural stone is better value with regard to looks, longevity and maintenance.
10. Why choose Country Earth?
We have one of the largest ranges of stone paving and walling in WA. We have skilled tradesmen in every field of construction to build your garden.
11. Why is it so important to lay paving or stone properly?
Laying or installing paving products is a long term project. Incorrect laying techniques will result in a substandard result which requires costly repairs. Do it well and do it once.

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