Ceiling Cladding – Country Clad Lining

  • Durable and easy to nail, drill and cut to any size, using standard tools.
  • Water and moisture resistant, easy to clean.
  • 5.8m lengths, means less joining required.
  • Maintenance free, no more oiling, staining, sealing or painting.
  • Environmentally friendly, contains no harmful materials,
  • Suitable for indoor walls and ceilings installations and outdoor ceilings and under eave lining.
  • 25 Year Product Warranty.
  • Maximum Span – 450MM

Specifications for Country Clad Ceiling Lining

  • Dimensions – 300mm x 9mm x 5.9m
  • Moisture Content Rate – 1.8%
  • Formaldehyde Emission – 0.8Mg/L
  • Shore Hardness – 71 HD
  • Nail Holding Power – 955N
  • Bending Strength – 30 Mpa
  • Modules of Elasticity – 1926 Mpa
  • Thickness Expansion Rate – 0.3%
  • Density -0.70
  • Colours readily available- 1 White – 2 Golden Oak – 3 Cream – 4 Light Cedar.

Country Clad Ceiling Lining Installation Tips

  • On delivery make sure to store all panels on a flat surface in a cool dry area and do not remove from packaging until ready for installation to avoid potential damage to panels.
  • When removing panels from the packaging do not slide boards from the end, open pack down the centre where taped and lift boards as required. Keep panels under cover to avoid temperature fluctuations during installation.
  • Check all panels for any damage prior to cutting and installing, only install panels in perfect condition.
  • Spacing for timber or steel supports should be no more than 450mm apart.
  • Use J/Trims and H/Trims for all exposed edges and joining of sheets, use internal and external corner trims where required.
  • Country Clad is suitable for indoor and outdoor use but not in direct sun, as this is designed as an out of weather product.
  • Use the stainless-steel support clips, by sliding clips along the wide edge of the boards to marry up to your support timbers, one clip to every beam (up to 14 per 5800mm board 8 Per M2).
  • We recommend you use 25mm (two per clip) to secure stainless-steel clips to support timbers. Counter sunk screws can also be used depending on each individual job.
  • When using PVC panelling allow 2-3 mm spacing at each end for expansion for those 40deg days during our Australian summer.
  • It is also recommended to use Sika Flex 11FC (white colour), or Soudal MX35, MX50, or T/Rex (white colour) adhesive or equivalent quality product to secure panels to your timber or metal supports. (One blob about the size of a 20c piece in the centre of the boards at each beam where the sheets touch the timbers or metal supports.) It is also recommended to use props to support cladding over night to allow the adhesive to set.
  • Important, make sure the air above the installed panels has adequate ventilation to stop build-up of air pressure on hot days, due to trapped air becoming overheated and putting downward pressure on the panels. Use whirlybirds or air vents to achieve this. All installations should be done by qualified trades people experienced in installing PVC panelling.
  • After installation use a spray and wipe to remove fingerprints and dust particles. Following the above instructions will guarantee the best installation possible.

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