Be Prepared For Future Possibilities

Any additional elements for your garden that you may decide to add at a later date should be taken into account at the time of initial landscape construction to save unnecessary expenses later.

For example: Always put at least one 90mm stormwater pipe under your new driveway for reticulation pipe, cabling or garden lighting. Even if you never use it, it is a worthwhile small investment.

If you are planning to extend your garden or possibly install lighting or additional reticulation stations in the future, it is a good idea to put in conduits and run the cables to where they will be located so you don’t have to dig up the garden when the time comes. Once again the cost of this is minimal when compared to the alternative.

Always put pipes or conduits under paths to any isolated areas requiring watering or lighting prior to laying paving.

Draw a plan of all underground services so contractors who may be working on your property over the years know exactly where everything is. This avoids costly damage if a pipe or cable is cut when digging.